Gallizo provides a wide range of counterweights for lifts in accordance with the customer’s requirements: density, weight, material, dimensions, tolerances, finish, etc.

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Our range of densities is one of the basic values which provide guarantees and efficiency to the sector. We have densities from the 2.3 g/dm³ of standard concrete to the 11.3 g/dm³ of lead, passing through a wide range of high density concretes (HDC), and steel at 7.8 g/dm.
We adapt our manufacturing process to both the requirements of the applicable regulations and the specific requirements of our customers, thanks to the flexibility of our production methods. We employ exhaustive quality control systems on 100% of our components, with verification processes on our automated, computerised packaging line.
In addition, aesthetics accompany Gallizo products in both the finish used on our materials and on complementary resources, such as shot blasting and painting, which allow us to provide a product with a variety of finishes.
With the opening of the plant in Poland, dedicated mainly to the supply of counterweights within the sector, our production and logistics capabilities have allowed us to take a huge step forward in the service of our European customers, moving closer not only the their work dynamics, but also to their facilities, thus consolidating our commitment to this strategic sector for Gallizo.

Gallizo. Industria. Ascensor

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