We manufacture a wide range of construction products, and we have our own designs for highly specialised applications.

Our products

A wide range of products which you can find in the following categories.
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The development range provides a wide variety of kerbstones and pavements which respond to the specific needs of urban areas.
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Prestressed Reinforced Beams, all types of hollow or grid blocks for building any type of structure.
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Gallizo has various block types for the construction of interior and exterior enclosures. Options regarding dimensions, colours and materials.
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Prefabricated burial recesses
Gallizo Depcon manufactures prefabricated products for the funeral sector, such as prefabricated burial recesses, columbaria, ossuaries and graves, in accordance with the requirements of the authorities in the various autonomous communities.
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Recycling points
The Ran2® system creates recycling points by linking prefabricated modules and panels. The components form a platform over which cars can drive via ramps which are also modular, and once there, the user can easily throw their waste into the bins for bulky items located below.
The combination of various prefabricated elements makes it possible to create various configurations for this type of facility. This system allows the interior of the entire platform to be fully used.
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In this category you will find other construction products made by our company.
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If you wish to know more about our company or find an answer to any question you may have, please get in touch with us.
See our general catalogue of prefabricated concrete components for construction.
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